Our key strength as the market leader is to provide our customers with a fantastic range of products, backed up by friendly and knowledgeable customer service.

To ensure we deliver the highest levels of customer service we make significant investment in training and developing all of our people. Staff performance and customer satisfaction are monitored through regular inspections, surveys and mystery shoppers, which are carried out through an independent consumer research group.

Customer referral is the perfect indicator of excellent customer satisfaction and we use Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) as a measure of recommendation, which provides us with an internationally recognised predictor with proven links to business success. We measure this not only after a customer has placed an order (“Post Purchase NPS”), but also after their furniture is delivered “Post Delivery NPS”) and six months after the order was placed (“Established Customer NPS”). Established Customer NPS forms a component of remuneration for employees throughout the business, including salespeople, management and head office teams and Executive Directors.